PC Repair tracker

PCRT v3 has been release to everyone now as version 3.1

In addition to the features seen in the video: 

If you currently have PCRT but don'tqualify for the upgrade please click the link below to renew your subscription and receive updates for the next 12 months - http://pcrepairtracker.com/page/?ap_id=hostingclick 

If you have just been emailled the new update and are hosted with us at Hosting Click then qualify for free installation of this current update.  

Submit a support ticket today to have us install the update for you. All you need to do is sent us proof that you have receive the email from luke to show us that you qualify for the upgrade (Please also remember to put your admin username and password and URL to your tracker in with the support ticket). 

More news to follow. 

Sunday, November 13, 2016

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